Enjoy a stag weekend

  • 10. 4. 2022

When you put into a google “stag weekend” to be sure what exactly you can expect at the end of this week, you will see the definition: “a weekend spent away as a celebration for a man who is about to get married, attended only by men”. And that`s what it`s all about, enjoy it!

In Czech the definition of stag weekend comes with something with a dear (animal) which is not exactly fitting to my expression of mega party but you can say maybe “cool”. It is up to you and you can be sure there will be many ideas to choose from.


Let’s start with some money to know some basics about your party. If you are planning stag or deer weekend from ten to more deer or friends, we can start with basic for 999 $ per person. You can count with basics like:

Party-friendly house with maid and pool

Daily Pool parties

Poolside barbecue

House fully stocked with alcohol

And of course, many more. The VIP 1499 $ per person programs includes basics and e.g.:

Food, we offer two options. PRIVATE CHEF 24/7, or daily brunch + two barbecues or dinners (possible to upgrade)

Night life tour with VIP access to clubs accompanied by our guide and security guard (despite the city being 100% safe)

Or Yacht Day. 65ft Catamaran or yacht of similar size.


And Finally, the High rollers can enjoy for 1900 $ per person:

Fabulous package includes high quality groceries, seafood specialties and quality, choice steaks, + premium alcohol and champagne Moet, Clicquot


3 x Night life tours with VIP

Concierge i.e., party places, food spots, clubs, restaurants etc. Plus, VIP access to clubs

100% fun and satisfaction guaranteed.

So, go on…. choose and I am looking forward to meet you there. And of course whatever happens at stag weekend stays in the stag weekend in the city.